Could A Waste-To-Charcoal Plant In Uttar Pradesh Make India’s Garbage Mountains Disappear?

One fine morning in April, three middle-aged men stood in a circle at the lobby of the Radisson Blu in Ghaziabad, chatting. Two of them had distinct NRI accents. The third complained about Delhi’s spring and pollen irritating his nose. Had you overheard their gripes, you could have never guessed that these urbane men were … Read more

How MUBI India Fumbled Indie Films

In 2019, when UK-based arthouse cinema streaming company MUBI came to India, it was hailed as the answer to cinephiles’ prayers. That year, it launched with Oscar-winning producer Guneet Monga as a content advisor. MUBI also had a dedicated channel for Indian films, curated across genres, years, languages, and directors. This ranged from from Basu … Read more

India Has High Trust In Govt, Business & NGOs: Edelman’s Matthew Harrington

In the 2024 edition of Edelman Trust Barometer, released in January, India ranked second after China in trust in business-government partnerships over technology-led businesses. It topped the charts in terms of trust in businesses and non-governmental organisations, but was fourth in terms of trust in media and fifth for the government. “(In India) there’s high … Read more

Why Google Maps Goes Haywire On Indian Roads

It was pitch black. The shortcut that Google Maps directed them to, off the highway, got narrower as they drove on. No shops. No other vehicles. No street lamps. Just eerie silence. “It didn’t seem like we were headed to the airport,” Nivedya said. “But we pressed on, assuming Google Maps knew best.”  In an … Read more

Slow Ad Revenue Growth Adds To The Woes Of Indian Digital Media

Indian consumers want entertainment, but for free (see this edition of The Impression). At last year’s edition of the annual media and entertainment business conference called FICCI Frames, a massive report and a three-day conference concluded that media subscriptions were stagnating, meaning the industry must come up with as many ad-funded business models as it … Read more